Pico De Gallo

A ripe, fresh salsa, bursting with flavour and very simple to throw together. This is a lovely, fresh salsa. Bursting with lime and coriander.

Simple Flat Breads

Flatbreads are a staple food throughout the world. Easy to make, they are adaptable and versatile. This recipe is very simple and can be tweaked to the way you like it… An easy to make flat bread that can be tweaked to include anything you like or simply left as it is…


A quick, easy and very tasty guacamole recipe. Very simple to tweak and make it just the way you like it. A delicious guacamole that can be easily tweaked to suit individual tastes.

Prawn and Chorizo Linguine

A simple and extremely tasty dish. I’ve left portions vague on purpose – use what you like – as much as you like. All about the flavours. A great pasta dish. Big flavours, very quick and easy to make.The recipe can easily be adapted to other types of pasta. Pimp it up with cherry tomatoes,…

Mexican Chilli Chicken

A simple but effective variation on chilli con carne – using chicken instead of beef. As always, vary the recipe to suit your tastes. As hot or as mild as you like. A great spicy and healthy dish.Great served with rice, jacket potatoes or tortilla chips but we chose to have them on a warmed…

Smoked Haddock and Cauliflower Gratin

This is a quick and easy dish combining smoked haddock, potato, cauliflower and cheese. Well worth a try. A great and easy dish using smoked haddock.

We Are The Mods

This is a bit of fun. We’ll update this section with Mod themed novelties. Feel free to ask for anything you’d like to see added.  

World Famous Bruschetta

This “snack” has become a meal in itself. It’s just a subtle twist on a classic recipe. Play around with the chilli, add a wee bit pancetta if you like… it’ll handle anything. A regular and favourite dish in our house…

Tuna and Egg Pasta

This is a great dish. The veg is all pretty much optional, just use what you have or what you fancy. The tuna can be in oil, brine, spring water…. again, whatever you prefer.