We Are The Mods

This is a bit of fun. We’ll update this section with Mod themed novelties. Feel free to ask for anything you’d like to see added.  

World Famous Bruschetta

This “snack” has become a meal in itself. It’s just a subtle twist on a classic recipe. Play around with the chilli, add a wee bit pancetta if you like… it’ll handle anything. A regular and favourite dish in our house…

Tuna and Egg Pasta

This is a great dish. The veg is all pretty much optional, just use what you have or what you fancy. The tuna can be in oil, brine, spring water…. again, whatever you prefer.

Buffalo Chicken and Potato Casserole

    This is a nice versatile dish. As usual, simple and very tasty. We through this together on a Friday after a hard week. Easily put together and full of flavour.

Catalonian Rice Bake

This is a truly wonderful and simple dish. At first we wondered how it would turn out… all seemed a bit weird but it was well worth the effort. It could easily be customised to your own taste, just make sure there’s sufficient liquid in there to cook the rice but don’t over-do it. Give…