An expedition to Harris.

All is ready.  The car sits packed, or as best it can be on this the night before the journey. The washing machine has spewed forth its final load. All is ready for the off. Aiden was awoken by some screeching bitch who’d taken on far too much alcohol. But even he is now asleep….

The Pathetic Scots

I have no idea at all why the Scots are “blessed” with the curse of democracy! If ever a nation deserved to have that supposedly fundamental right removed, then it is the Scots. Nowhere exists a politically thicker people than those sad, easily led sheep, the Scots. The cancer that is Labour can do as…

In a world of timber

I’m now three days into working for BSW in Earlston. It’s been grand so far – a very decent crowd involved down there. Work wise, it’s gonnae be good for my [rather meagre] unix skills – I’m already seeing stuff I used to know well come back to me as I see it all again….

Leaving the SPSA

Today, with great joy, I leave the SPSA to move to a real job. The SPSA was my first taste as it were of working in the public sector – I can’t even begin to tell you how bloody mind-numbing that experience was. Never have i had to endure such blatant incompetence, unprofessionalism and the…

January 1st

The first of January is such an odd day. Not a great deal happens. The highlight of the day is noticing the date has clocked on a year! 01/01/10 – the first day of a strange year! My birthday this year is 10/10/10… I remember decades ago knowing that this day would arrive! It all…

Labour in Scotland (West)

Labour have been a resounding failure when it comes to governing the people of Scotland. For too long, they have been propped up by the ridiculous notion that they are somehow “the People’s Party”. The more we hear some cerebrally challenged troll claim “I’ve been a Labour man a’ ma life” or “ma’ faimlie’s aye…

An excursion to Italy, 2009

This was filmed in Florence and Siena in April 2009 and Venice in July. There was very heavy rain in Siena while we were there but it was strangely interesting to watch. Venice, on the other hand, was like an oven.